Matias Montes

Wedding Gown

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Quert and the Wedding Gown

Editorial: Plover Press.
Ciudad: Honolulu, Hawaii.
Año: 1992
Idioma: Inglés


Versión en inglés de Desterrados al fuego, traducida en 1992 por Plover Press. Como señala la contraportada, "when Shakespeare spoke of "eating the bitter bread of banishment" four hundred years ago, he might well have been thinking of Montes Huidobro's Qwert and the Wedding Gown. Every pertinent symptom of exile is treated in this novel, from difference in language and dress to nervous collapse, from which only the memory of the hero's wife and the eye of an ambiguous God deliver him". Considerada por el crítico y narrador Virgil Suárez en The Philadelphia Inquirer como un "uprooted Cuban's journey to madness, to self-destruction and temporary insanity, Qwert and the Wedding Gown is a good candidate to be placed among the great works of existential literature. In tone, style and audacity of language, its rightful place is among such classics as The Stranger by Albert Camus, Nausea de Jean Paul Sartre and, more recently, The Pigeon by Patrick Suskind. In this novel, Huidobro has shown and eagle's eye for meticulous detail and a surgeon precision in a clear and sharp style, one that keeps the reader not only immersed in what is happening, but thinking about the big questions of our existence in what appears to be a harsh and indifferent world devoid of a god". Ilan Stavans ha destacado a "compact prose with no unexpected turns": "its incisive, sensitive pages offer enchanting reflections on God, literature, and middle-class dosmetic life". Dostoyevski, Gogol, Kafka, Beckett y Sábato han sido otros puntos de comparación señalados por la crítica.